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Amazing Nut-Milk Bag

Amazing Nut-Milk Bag


Amazing Nut-Milk Bag

AMAZING NUT MILK BAG is made in the USA. These are the highest quality nut milk bags you will find anywhere…guaranteed!

Ours bag is a large and well built, oval-shaped, draw-string bag made of a very strong nylon so you can use it many times to make your own nut milk, juice, or sprouts. If you like to make nut cheese, ours works better because it does not let pulp through and does not stretch out in the same way that cotton bags do. Works better than a metallic mesh screen because you can squeeze it to make lots of milk and shortening your preparation time. The bag will yield up to 4 cups at one time.

Forget about buying a non-recyclable boxed processed “milk” again. Rather, make your own delicious RAW “milk” of any nut or seed you love! You can even sprout your own seeds, grains, and legumes! If you don’t have time for cleaning up after juicing, or just don’t have a juicer at all, then you can use a Vita-Mix and strain the pulp through this Amazing Bag and enjoy instant juice!

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