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Coleman chicken

Coleman chicken


Since 1875 Coleman Natural has pioneered the natural and organic animal raising practices that represent the highest standard of meat production in the United States. We work exclusively with small family farms throughout the USA that share this conviction to provide American families with premium natural and organic poultry, pork, and prepared foods.

Coleman Natural selects only the best breeds, raised to our exact protocols, with 100% vegetarian diets and no animal byproducts. We never use antibiotics or growth hormones.

We allow our animals to grow at their natural pace in a comfortable, reduced-stress environment – in spacious barns with plenty of room to run around, fresh air and continuous access to food and water.

Coleman Natural is committed to providing premium products that nourish the health and well-being of your family. We never add anything to our products that nature did not create: no nitrates/nitrites or other chemical preservatives and no MSG. We never use fillers.

Coleman Natural is committed to Sustainable Business Practices: the people who affect and are affected by what we do; the animals in our care and the agribusiness we operate; the impact we have on the environment and our community.

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