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Sweet Earth Natural Foods

Sweet Earth Natural Foods


When we set out to craft food that could change the way we eat, we knew where to begin: burritos. Fast and easy, a decidedly Californian invention, a perfect expression of modern cuisine: it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Thus began our journey of making burritos the world has never seen before—recipes gathered from all over the world, embodying ancient traditions and extraordinary flavor, wrapped into the tastiest mobile meal you’ll ever have.

The best tradition and flavor on our planet. The zestiest ingredients, vegetables and spice. The best for your health. The Zen Farmer has said it since the beginning: The Burrito Abides.


Form follows function—the classic truth that inspired our functional burritos. Let’s be honest: skip the toast. Veggies and complex grains, omega-3 and probiotics, fiber and protein—that’s what your body deserves when you start your day.

At Sweet Earth, when we make healthy, we don’t compromise flavor. In fact, we think health is flavor. We put complete meals, authentic and and vibrant, into an easy-to-eat burrito, each brimming with a variety of ingredients that ensure you get a whole world of nutrition with every bite.

So wherever you’re going, and whatever you need, grab one and get focused. Or cultured. Lighten up or pack the protein.



At a beach bonfire or a cozy fireside meal in winter, what’s better than a veggie burger? A Sweet Earth burger, actually. We’ve crafted three wholesome, warm and totally filling burger patties for a new millennium of conscious eating.

A veggie burger that actually features veggies, packed with protein and spilling with the aromas of gourmet grains and whole beans, the Zen Farmer is serving up serious grill cuisine.

Fire it up, pass ’em around, give your body a taste of the world.



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